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Our Farm

Greg has constructed greenhouses, grow barns and even a playground here in Mattole Valley. He has been a carpenter, a lumberjack, a wild land firefighter, and a businessman. Greg fought in the drug war of the 1980s and 1990s against CAMP; (California Against Marijuana Planting), all while raising his family and building a homestead! Greg continues to cultivate his half acre legacy farm in Panther Gap, which is now a part of the biggest sun grown farmer’s co-op in California. When he’s not building cabins with his chainsaw, you can find him twisting up his favorite strain: Blueberry Muffin from
Humboldt Seed Company. 

Marion was cruising along the west coast in 2001 after earning her master's degree in Alaska. She stopped in Humboldt County and never left. Marion went on to spend most of her time homesteading and cultivating in Panther Gap. She bravely battled CAMP in the drug war with small children by her side. She went on to develop more farms after legalization in 2015 with Greg, and they continue to manifest their mutual dream from their legacy farm in Northern California. She strives to grow and smoke only the best Boutique cannabis. In the garden, TrainWreck takes first place, but Marion can often be found relaxing after work smoking the one and only MAC-1.

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100% Pesticide Free

This magnificent territory is renown worldwide for being the center for Cannabis Culture and Sustainable growing practices. It's all thanks to the specific weather conditions, altitude and culture concentrated in this region: the Emerald Triangle! 


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Lost Creek Cannabis is a Legacy Farm

We have the highest standards for organic crop cultivation

You can taste the difference, you can taste the quality. 

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With Love, From 
Our Family to Yours


Western Humboldt Foundation

for Farmer Advocacy:

Our non-profit empowers OG warriors from all walks of life. Through donation, we have supported Black Girl's Hike, Pediatric Brain Cancer Research, and the Honeydew Volunteer Fire Department.

If you'd like to get involved,
please donate or share.

All gifts are tax deductible. 


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See how Marion, Greg, and the Lost Creek team advocate for the legal cannabis market! Can you guess what popular TV show they were on?

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