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This greenhouse brimming with OG Kush is part of the True Humboldt network. (Photo by Dan Skye)

Harvesting Under 

the Humboldt Sun

“We’ve lived here an average of 25 years,” True Humboldt’s co-founder tells me. “We raise our families in Humboldt, and we run our businesses throughout this county. Our aim is to work together, lower the costs of production, and establish standards for superior consistency and quality control. This is becoming a competitive, branded market, and we want to preserve our heritage.”


Murder Mountain/ Courtesy of Netflix

Inside the Murder Mountain Documentary 

"Meanwhile, Marion Collamer is a voice of reason in the documentary. She came to Humboldt 20 years ago to work on a farm and has never left. She now raises her family with her husband, Greg, whom she met as a trimmigrant and later married. She said as soon as legal growing was an option, they jumped on it. The alternative, she said, is “a horrible way to live.”

Click here to listen!


Support farms in Humboldt County who paved the way for cannabis legalization! Check out our selection organic pre rolls, gummies, and premium flower. 


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