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Homestead Jam is an exciting hybrid which can help to obliterate anxiety while keeping your mind clear. This strain is a great option for productive days because the patient can maintain a calm and focused mind after medicating. Let the fruity, full flavor of Homestead Jam warm your body as your muscles sink into a fully relaxed state. 

Homestead Jam



Fruit Punch


The sweet berry and tangy citrus flavor of Fruit Punch will remind you of drinking your favorite fruity drink on a hot summer day! In only a few moments your mind and body will be at ease, you will feel motivated and creative. The high potency of this strain will send you into a euphoric state of deeper relaxation as time passes. You may find yourself kicking back on a lazy afternoon with a beverage of choice, joyfully basking in the classic sugary aroma of Fruit Punch. 

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